An Early Christmas Gift For Northwest Arkansas - 21C Hotel Coming Soon

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By  Ida Fineberg - Vice President, Executive Broker

November 11th, 2011 Christmas will come early to Bentonville, Arkansas as this town will unwrap what is set to be, in the world of art and culture, a wonderful gift, The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Nestled among beautiful water features, trails, and framed by the natural beauty that is found in Northwest Arkansas, The Crystal Bridges Museum will shine the cultural spotlight on Bentonville and its surrounding areas as never before (well, culturally speaking, this is the home of Walmart after all).   However, with the arrival of the Crystal Bridges will come many more “gifts” to Bentonville.

Among the perks from having the Crystal Bridges grace the Northwest Arkansas area will be the new the 21C Museum Hotel to be built on the Bentonville Square and within walking distance from the museum.

Another hotel is being built, so what?

Well, not so what, because the Bentonville 21c Museum Hotel will be built by the same folks who took some abandoned tobacco and bourbon warehouses in Kentucky and turned them into the 21C Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.  The Louisville 21c Museum Hotel was recently selected the Gold List Number 1 hotel in America by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler magazine.  By the way, it has won that prestigious position TWO years in a row.  Conde Nast Traveler, a publication dedicated to inform on the best in worldwide travel, gathers comments from its readers that detail the character of a hotel regarding rooms, services, food, location and design.  Based on these evaluations, the hotels are scored, the highest score being 100.  The Louisville 21c Museum Hotel received a score of 97.7 putting it at the top of the list of U.S. hotels.

Actually this is not a bad place to be considering the competition among hotels in the U.S.  As if that isn’t enough for one hotel, the Louisville 21c Museum Hotel was rated the number six hotel in the world.  These 21c Museum Hotel people must know a thing or two about doing things quite well as we will soon experience in Northwest Arkansas.

Let’s get back to Bentonville.   Come the last quarter of 2012 and Christmas will come early AGAIN for this area as Bentonville will have the wonderful opportunity to unwrap its very own 21c Museum Hotel, this time built from the ground up, just a stone’s throw from the truly magnificent Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.   And who would have thought all of this in Bentonville, Arkansas?  You bet all of this is happening in Bentonville, Arkansas.

By the way, the Bentonville 21c Hotel Museum will probably get a 99 rating from Conde Nast, but then again, nothing’s perfect.  Enjoy your early Christmas gifts, Northwest Arkansas.

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