Five Critical Points To Consider When Selecting Your Commercial Real Estate Agency & Broker

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When selecting a commercial agency and broker you will want to review several points that can have direct influence on the outcome of your sales or leasing effort.

From their personal knowledge and experiences our team of commercial experts have compiled this list of tips that all buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords should consider when choosing the perfect commercial agency
and broker to represent the client's interest.

1.   Does the broker have contacts within the real estate sector in which their client's property is located?  Is that agency familiar with the marketing of properties such as office, retail, commercial lots, warehouses, etc.?

2.  Can the broker and agency demonstrate the ability to push thelisting into the market profile of those parties who might have and interest in such a property?

3.  Do the broker and agency have a strong name recognition in the market so that he or she will have a high probability of getting inquiries regarding the property?

4.  Do the broker and agency have the ability to discuss the highest and best use of the real estate in which the client is attempting to market,and then equate that to a potential income stream for the purchaser?

5.  Is the particular broker a good listener, and does he/she have the negotiating skills needed to guide the various parties through the transactions?  Furthermore, does the particular broker understand that
the choice of words used during presentations and negotiations can influence the outcome of a deal?

As a buyer or seller, tenant or landlord, maximize your position by asking the hard questions of your real estate representative.  This relationship can mean the difference between failure or success.

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