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By Ida Fineberg, Principal Broker

Northwest Arkansas can now add another trophy to its case as it was recently announced that the Sam Walton School of Business will be the home of the ALPFA Institute. Why is this important? And wait – what is ALPFA, anyways? Why is it important? Well, anything having to do with the School of Business brings bigger and better educational opportunities to the area by developing a better educated and more capable workforce. Local companies know that they have the people that they need here in order to grow and prosper and that, my friends, means that real estate can grow and prosper. Now read on about ALPFA and organization that we, at Steve Fineberg & Associates are proud to call ourselves a member.

The value of any area can be measured in many ways – business opportunities and growth, educational institutions, industries, natural resources, real estate, entertainment and sports – are among some that can be factored into the equation. One of the most important components adding to the value of any area is its people and their investments of their time and effort to have a better community.

Evidence of this in the Bentonville/Rogers area is the Northwest Arkansas ALPFA Chapter. For those not familiar with ALPFA – Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, is a professional organization established in 1972 and currently boasts a membership of about 15,000 nationwide. The Northwest Arkansas ALPFA chapter was established a mere three years ago and like its counterparts throughout the nation its mission is to provide access to its members via educational opportunities and relationships with mentors who can impact their careers. The Northwest Arkansas ALPFA group is one hot ticket and has taken off like wildfire. This group has been so active, so involved and so committed to its membership and the ALPFA goals that at the last national ALPFA convention in Anaheim, California in August of 2011, they were named the top chapter IN THE NATION!! Quite the honor considering they are only getting started. It is a testament to the quality of the people here who are part of this group.

This local ALPFA group seems to be in constant motion working closely with the many professional and educational resources found in the Northwest Arkansas area such as Walmart, Tyson Foods, J.B. Hunt Trucking, Northwest Arkansas Community College, and the University of Arkansas and its renown Sam Walton School of Business where the just named ALPFA Institute will be housed just to name a few. By the way, this new ALPFA Institute will be teaching leadership to candidates from the high school level to the CEO level. Additionally these meetings avail themselves of the resources provided by the numerous people, from many other companies and varied professions, and self made entrepreneurs, who come to the meetings to learn and/or offer their expertise to the many students just starting their careers or seeking networking opportunities and business advice. Attending and ALPFA meeting is a nonstop event, with opportunity to network, socialize, meet a new mentor or two, or become a mentor, hear a tremendous speaker with pertinent information, and, above all, learn something new. Whether a seasoned professional or a student just starting out on a new career path, it may be worth a moment or two to check out ALPFA, because something will be gained from the experience, meet terrific people, learn something new and probably offer some knowledge to others – ultimately it’s all good.


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