Walmart U.S. Apparel office relocates to Bentonville

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Walmart U.S. Apparel office relocates to Bentonville 
In today's Walmart Memo -

In Walmart U.S., we're getting back to the basics of our business, and our customers and associates are noticing. Over the past year, we've renewed our focus on Every Day Low Costs and Every Day Low Prices in order to really deliver, and today we're taking another step in that effort.

Many of you will remember in early 2009 we announced that to make a play in fashion we moved our Apparel office to New York City in order to be at the "center of the fashion industry." What we've found since that time is our customers expect from us high-quality basics and fashion basics at great prices every day.

With the leadership of Lisa Rhodes, Senior Vice President, - Walmart U.S. Apparel Merchandising, we have been working on this strategy the past year and our customers are responding. In fact, our sales trend in apparel is the best it's been in two years.

With that as a backdrop, we have decided to move the Apparel office from New York City back to Bentonville. When you consider our core strategy centered in basics and fashion basics, in order to execute, our offices do not need to be located in New York. Also roughly 40 percent of our apparel planning, replenishment and modular execution associates are in Bentonville today.

It just makes sense to unite our apparel efforts in one location.

The function will transition to Bentonville over the next few months, with the goal to be complete by Feb. 1. During this time, we are working with the associates in New York and hope to relocate as many as possible to


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