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We are excited to launch our first "blog series": Kibitz (chat) 1.0

The word kibitz in the Jewish community means to chat.  In recent "chats" that we have had with various leaders in Northwest Arkansas, the idea grew that we needed to share their expertise with all of you.  We needed to offer a platform where anyone in the world could search, learn, and understand the beautiful dynamics of the Northwest Arkansas region.

Where many areas nationally are struggling in the midst of economic crisis, Northwest Arkansas has still continued to show growth and flourish.

For the next twelve weeks, we will be sharing our "chats" and give you a firsthand look at the economic development and continued business growth here in Northwest Arkansas.  Over the coming weeks, expect to learn insight from area leaders and developers on what makes Northwest Arkansas a great place to live, work, and play.

We have assembled a great list of leaders, including:

- Alice Murphy, Public Relations Director with Crystal Bridges
- Kerry Jensen, Executive Director of Main Street Rogers
- Mike Harvey, COO of the Northwest Arkansas Council
- Chung Tan, Economic Development Manager of Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce
- Kathy Deck, Director at Center for Business and Economic Research
- and many more!!

We look forward to kibitzing with all of you in the coming weeks!  Stay tuned!

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