Kibitz with Mayor Bob McCaslin of Bentonville, Arkansas

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Mayor Bob McCaslinThis week we were able to chat with Mayor Bob McCaslin, Mayor for Bentonville, Arkansas.

We appreciate all he does to make Bentonville such a wonderful place to live and work. Thank you for taking time to chat with us this week!

What have you seen as far as job creation in Bentonville this year?

The City does not track jobs but we do track utility customers. Utility customers continue to grow at an annual rate of +/- 3%.

What do you predict in terms of growth for 2012?

We are projecting 2012 growth at 3%.

How is the Crystal Bridges Museum affecting the Bentonville economy?

The economic impact of Crystal Bridges will take some time to quantify. Intuitively, we all know that the museum will create additional hospitality revenues for the City and NW Arkansas.

What other museum attractions can we expect to see on the horizon?

The free market will find its own way here ā€“ as demand surfaces, the supply side will step-up. It is likely that galleries and art associate commerce will begin to appear as the museum becomes a destination for regional, national and international travelers.

How have the Splash Park and ice skating rink affected the downtown business development?

The unique Bentonville Square and its many planned activities continue to draw visitors from area cities and beyond. The 2nd season for the outdoor ice rink is expected to be as successful as the opening season which saw more than 10,000 participants enjoy this unique amenity.

Would you attribute most business growth this year to be from large-scale industry or small business?

Bentonville has enjoyed sustainable growth in residential construction and the small business sector.

What are some of the most exciting developments going on right now in Bentonville?

The renovation of East Central from the Square to SE ā€œJā€ Street will create a beautiful and unique gateway into what many say is one of the most ideal downtown squares in the United States. We have parks renovations, improvements and additions taking place throughout our City. The recently completed Downtown Activity Center allows visitors and citizens to enjoy adult wellness activities including bicycle rentals. The DAC offers maps and suggestions for either walking or cycling tours of our beautiful trail system.

How is the infrastructure keeping up with the growth?

The City has made an intentional effort to invest in the infrastructure that will draw investment and visitors to our town. We have street improvements underway and plans for others in various stages of design and implementation.

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