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Steve Fineberg & Associates staff

This moment will be the best part of my day, because I get to talk about my colleagues and team members.

I cannot overstate how much I enjoy working with and appreciate our team members.  I spend a great deal of my day working to create situations and scenarios where all parties win, where the parties at the end of a negotiation believe that their  position will be improved by doing the deal.

I do NOT want to consider how difficult this effort would  be absent our team.

"Team" means to me, "a group of people voluntarily working independently in a coordinated effort for their individual success, and for the success of the whole."

When I think of music or a sports team,  I see a team at work, every player striving to do their best, and so it is in a business setting.

This is my view of the team at Steve Fineberg and Associates.  Everyone doing his or her personal best, and in coordination with the whole.  I appreciate and love our team, and respect their ideas and energy that they exude.  They so often go beyond, it is my honor to work with them.

-- Steve Fineberg

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