Planes, Trains, & Automobiles… Rogers Road Projects

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Planes, Trains, & Automobiles…  Rogers Road Projects







Last November, the residents in the City of Rogers passed a sales tax vote that did not increase current taxes but replaced it with a new roads and parks bond.  As part of these changes, many road improvements are now being made in Rogers, as well as improvements to area parks, that are well-worth highlighting.

Specifically, The Monte Ne Road Realignment project and its limits are from Pine Street to just south of Gum Street (another project continues the widening down to New Hope).  In essence, it will straighten out the connection going south from Arkansas Street down to Monte Ne by removing four sharp corners.  It will also remove the sharp corner on First Street just west of Arkansas Street by adding a large curve there approximately through the old Laundromat.  The intersection will be signalized.

Lance Jobe, Project Engineer for the City of Rogers, graciously interviewed with us, and gave us some more detailed information on what to expect…

“It is the City’s hope that the Highway Department will choose First Street for the Eastern Corridor.  If that happens, First Street would continue across Arkansas/Monte Ne to the east and north sometime in the future.  The road will be built as a four-lane boulevard, meaning it will have a raised median.  There will be some landscaping and street trees placed in the median as well as decorative street lights.  There will be an around about placed at the intersection of Amis Road and Monte Ne with a landscaping feature placed in it.  This project, along with the project to widen 1st Street from the intersection at Arkansas/Monte Ne down to Olrich Street, will add a second entrance to Veterans Park off of Gum Street on Monte Ne Road.  A 6-foot sidewalk will be built along one side and a 10-foot trail along the other.  There will be a pedestrian tunnel under the road to connect a trailhead to be built at Maple Grove Park.  Eventually, we hope this will allow trail access down to Lake Atalanta as well.  The purpose of this project is to improve traffic flow on the east side of town, remove the sharp corners (safety), and plan for the future development of the Eastern Corridor.  We are currently finalizing the plans and buying a right of way.  We hope to be moving utilities next summer and starting construction shortly thereafter” – Lance Jobe


Another project that will play a major role in business success is the widening of part of Walnut Street.  Lance also gave us some insight on this project.

“The Walnut Street widening is a partnership project between the City and Highway Department, each party contributing half of the costs.  The project is from Dixieland Road to 8th Street and will add a continuous left turn lane for that one-mile stretch.  It will also improve the intersections at 8th Street and Dixieland.  A 6-foot sidewalk will be added along both sides for the entire length.  Decorative signals and street lights are planned as well.  Thirty percent of the plans have been turned in to the Highway Department for review. This project is on the proposed Highway Department letting schedule for 2016. We hope the addition of this turn lane will improve safety and the flow of traffic along this corridor.  We also hope that the addition of continuous sidewalks will allow for safer and easier pedestrian movement.




The City has several other large road projects under design for construction with the Bond funds as well.  A quick summary would be 21st Street from New Hope to Perry  Road, Perry  Road from Bellview to 21st St, Pleasant Grove from Bellview to Champions, Bellview from Ajax to the south City limits, 1st Street from Birch to Olrich, Southgate from Rainbow to Hwy 112, Laurel  Road from 8th to 26th and Price Lane from 8th to Dixieland.  There are other, smaller projects under design or construction as well.”


With many projects underway or in progress, we can see some great changes and expansions in our near future.  Roads play one of the biggest roles in making a community great, and allowing us to get to and from our work and homes.  These changes are just another piece of the pie in completing the beautiful picture of Northwest Arkansas.


Special thanks to Lance Jobe and the City of Rogers for their willingness to contribute


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