New blog post - Kibitz: chat 2.0 with David Kopsch, Executive Vice President – Administration and Incoming President for ALPFA

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Over the past year, we have had a wonderful opportunity to get to know David Kopsch.  David has been an active leader in our community and in ALPFA, and has been doing some great things to advance Northwest Arkansas.  We had a chance to catch up with David this week, and thought he would be the perfect person to help us kickoff this series.


Where are you from originally and what brought you to Northwest Arkansas?

I emigrated from Charlotte, North Carolina in early 2003 to join Sam’s Club in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Today, I work at Walmart in its People division.  I enjoy it for the opportunity to work with people from around the globe.


How did you get involved with ALPFA?

On a very late August evening five years ago, I was asked by my son if I would be returning to the office.  It was then that I realized that I work many hours doing my job but I was not making an impact on my son and community beyond what I did at the office.  As a father and human-being, I felt it important to leave a legacy for him that was more than working long hours.  It was at this same time that a colleague needed a substitute for an internal diversity group.  Motivated by my son to make a difference in the community, I asked to be the substitute.  For the next two years, I served in the Hispanic Latino Associate Resource Group at Walmart leading its professional development committee.  Late in 2010, I was approached by ALPFA NWA Chapter President, Dr. Adam Arroyos, to join the ALPFA NWA Board of Directors for my passion to make a difference and affinity for the Hispanic Latino community.


What led to you becoming President for ALPFA?

After a little over a year, I was promoted to the Executive Vice President – Administration and proceeded to grow membership and the ALPFA brand.  We can be seen and heard through our membership committee composed of representatives from every sponsor company and the marketing and communications committee’s investment into social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, assorted other websites like the NWA chambers of commerce and newsletter creation and distribution.


What does ALPFA do in Northwest Arkansas?

ALPFA creates opportunities, adds value, builds relationships for its members, the community and its business partners.  ALPFA was started 40 years ago to grow Latino leaders in the workforce.  Today, we are a diverse and inclusive organization of 40 chapters across the nation and more than 20,000 members focused on growing people to be leaders in their personal and professional lives to have an impact on the community.  We strive to deliver value to our members through training, such as our certificate of leadership in board service for serving on non-profit boards and commissions, and building a network of relationships for the purpose of growing their leadership influence.


How can the community plug into this organization and what needs do you have?

We welcome people from around the Northwest Arkansas region that are interested in its future as a region of prosperity and leadership.  Through multiple ways, as a student, professional or veteran, anyone can become a member of ALPFA.  At times, we make changes in our calendar and adjust to our members needs but our events are seminars or summits.  We segment based on topic relevance such as a student summit in the spring focused on getting the job, an executive summit in the coming months focused on being strategic and a diversity forum to develop being a multicultural leader.  Our needs are to have more people become members and our members to be leaders in their organizations and lives.


Do you have any events coming up that the community could become involved with?

Yes, our next big event is - Lideres de Corazon on October 27th.  It is an awards gala recognizing leadership in the NWA community.   People can visit our website for more information -



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