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This week we took a break from our kibitz chats, and caught up with Ida Fineberg who wanted to share about the amazing holiday season that is upon us, and she charged us with some ways that will help continue to improve the lives of others this holiday season.


It is such a simple word – GIVING . This week is the time of year when we all focus a bit more on the idea of giving. We will be GIVING thanks, we begin to think about gifts we will be GIVING our loved ones, and some may begin GIVING some thought as to how to prepare for the next year. But do we really think about GIVING? At Steve Fineberg and Associates, we actually have given much thought to the idea of GIVING. It has become a tradition of our company to give of our time, efforts and hopefully money to various charitable organizations and hope that you join us in this effort. Knowing that our effort can benefit others who truly need our help has become as much part of our Thanksgiving and Christmas season as our Thanksgiving dinner or a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Our reason for giving is quite simple. We want to say thank you for our blessings, for having the opportunity to give and to help and most importantly because GIVING has become much more fun than receiving. We hope that you join us in GIVING back to our communities and the various organizations that truly benefit from our GIVING. These many worthy organizations will be GIVING back to the community by providing many opportunities to those who truly need our help. Frankly, what can be more fulfilling than knowing that by GIVING many good things can happen? So, as you sit down to enjoy your ThanksGIVING dinner with family and friends, stop and think where you can contribute with your time, effort, money to help all the wonderful organizations in our area that could truly benefit from GIVING.

Happy ThanksGIVING!!


Here are 3 ways that we encourage you to make a difference in Northwest Arkansas...

Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter Holiday Drive

In collaboration with the Walnut Farm Montessori School, Steve Fineberg and Associates has chosen this charity to help publicly support this year.  Students from the Montessori School have chosen to give back to other children their own age in the community by doing a holiday drive for some key items of need.  We applaud their efforts, and will be collecting items in our office to take and combine with theirs to present to children at the shelter.

We will be collecting the following items in the front of our office until Thursday, December 20th - please bring your items by our office and help fill up our holiday box:

*Toddler Classroom : PJ’s and small comfort items for children ages 18-36 months

*Primary Classroom A : PJ’s and toiletries for children age 3-6

*Primary classroom B : PJ’s and small comfort items for children ages 3-6

*Primary Classroom C: PJ’s, socks and slippers for children ages 3-6

*Lower Elementary: PJ’s and toiletries for children age 6-9

*Upper Elementary: PJ’s and toiletries for children age 9-12

Suggestions for comfort items include small stuffed animals and soft blankets

Suggestions for toiletries include body wash, shampoo, conditioner, soaps, chapstick/lipgloss, toothpaste, and tooth brushes


Open Avenues - Sponsor A Ride

Another organization we are supporting this year is the Open Avenues, Sponsor A Ride, Program.

Open Avenues provides job training for 120 clients who were born with a disability, or have a disability now because of an illness or injury.  And while these valiant workers can do a lot, there is one thing they can’t do; they can’t attend Open Avenues without transportation.  At Open Avenues, we break through barriers to reach success.  Transportation is a common barrier for people with disabilities.  This is why Open Avenues must provide this valuable service.

You can “Sponsor a Ride” for a client!    With your investment of $35.00 to Open Avenues, you can sponsor a client’s bus fare for one month.  Each $35.00 donation for “Sponsor a Ride” will go toward the Open Avenues monthly transportation cost, and help a client get to and from work.


Open Avenues has six bus routes that travel to Bella Vista, Bentonville, Centerton, Garfield, Avoca, Pea Ridge, Rogers, Prairie Creek, Lowell, Springdale and Elm Springs.  The projected transportation budget for 2012-2013 is $129,422.   You can donate online at -


Havenwood - Become a Birthday Sponsor to a child in need

Here in Bentonville, Havenwood provides a home to single parents and their children.  Many of whom are homeless or are leaving domestically violent situations.  They are able to receive housing, life skills, parenting classes, and financial literacy.

At any given moment, Havenwood houses up to 21 children.  A need that continues to reoccur is birthday sponsorship.  Many single parents do not have the extra funds available to provide their children with any sort of gift on their birthdays.  Havenwood is looking for a group of volunteers who are willing to go pick up a few items each month for those who have birthdays.  This will be a new program offered to help these children in January.  If you would like to join this group of volunteers, please email

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