New blog post - Kibitz 2.0 chat with Steve Fineberg, President/CEO of Steve Fineberg and Associates

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I want to take a moment to thank all of those that took some of their valuable moments to participate in our blog series.  I know that time represents a great portion of our personal and professional inventory.  Their time and effort all contribute to letting those in far away places know what a vibrant community we have in Northwest Arkansas.  As this series comes to a close for the season, we are thrilled to have been able to chat with some of this region's finest leaders.

Many people ask me what makes Northwest Arkansas such a great place to live and work.  I believe it is the "can do" spirit that we have that manifests itself in many different ways.  Our pursuit of excellence in our individual and collective ways, and cultural, civic and charitable efforts combine to create a robust community that will cause you to be excited about your next day.

I expect that 2013 will bring even more opportunities to our area.  Wherever one's interest may be whether business, cultural, academic, or civic opportunities exist in our communities' expertise, and a desire to grow, and be better tomorrow.

Northwest Arkansas will develop and continue to grow because of the make up and characteristics of our population.  Our population comes from very diverse areas of our country which allows us all to experience vast opportunities that region's of our size rarely have the chance to.

I am very proud to live, work, and be a business owner in Northwest Arkansas, and the region continues to bring energy and excitement as we grow!  I look forward to next season's chats, and stay tuned to our new blog series set to start later this month!

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