Kibitz Chat 3.0 is here! Blog kickoff with Steve Fineberg - chatting with NWA's leaders!

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It is time to chat Northwest Arkansas!  We are excited to roll out this year's kibitz chat series which highlights leaders of all represented business sectors in the community.  Each year we have been humbled to chat with Mayors, city officials, Walmart executives, Crystal Bridges leaders, and so many more.

This year we have an amazing schedule planned that we hope brings excitement, information, and paints the picture of the beauty we know here in Northwest Arkansas delivered right to your inbox.

This week we wanted to kickoff with a message from our CEO, Steve Fineberg, to share more about this series.

Why Kibitz? 

The Hebrew meaning of the work kibitz means to chat.  At some point the idea came to us that it is not at all difficult to talk about the many virtues of living, working and playing  in Northwest Arkansas.  My wife, Ida, and I were taking about all that this area has to offer, and as I think back,  it was that conversation that led her to suggest that we have informal discussions with some of the movers and shakers in our areas in various fields of endeavor.  What better way to get a different perspective of our area than from people that represent different fields, who come from different geographies and backgrounds, and who have a vested interest in their field of employment, their organizations, and the continuing success of the Northwest Arkansas area.  Each year we have done this series it has gotten more and more response from the public, so it made sense to continue to improve and roll out more dynamic speakers in the community.


Why Northwest Arkansas?

Where do I start when I think what life is like in the Northwest Arkansas area?  This area is not a staid area.  It is always moving with new people from around the country, and even from around the world,  who bring with them new ideas, and a can do attitude.  When you have that kind of migration, you inevitably have a mixture of people with diverse experiences, and attitudes, that somehow results  into  positive energy.  This is an area that is a hub of business activity, educational opportunities, and a budding arts and entertainment culture.  Northwest Arkansas is rapidly becoming a "go to" destination.

I am looking forward and anticipating  an increase in energy and growth that will propel the Northwest Arkansas area to new and greater heights.


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