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We wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  This week the Fineberg Team had the opportunity to be part of something very special.

Each year, our team chooses a nonprofit to give back to and this year we were touched by the work of Open Avenues.  Yesterday we were honored to go and serve Thanksgiving dinner to their clients, and we also had an opportunity to chat with their Foundation's Director, Allison McElroy.  We feel blessed to get to partner with organizations like Open Avenues who offer such great resources to great people in the community.

Thank you, Allison and team, for all you do for NWA!


For those who do not know about Open Avenues, can you please share what your organization does in the community?

Open Avenues provides services to adults, 16 years and older who have a diagnosed disability.

We believe that each person, regardless of disability, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We celebrate the worth and uniqueness of each person and strive to deliver our services with patience and compassion. We specialize in providing each person the opportunity to be a more productive member of society and to achieve his or her full human potential.

Open Avenues offers services for adults with disabilities in Northwest Arkansas.  We offer instruction in daily living skills and opportunities for socialization. Instructors offer classes in simple cooking, laundry skills, money skills, and other areas that will increase their independence.  We also provide employment skills training through our relationships with local businesses and industries and offer job placement services when appropriate.


How many people does Open Avenues serve annually? 

During FY 2012-13, our client numbers continued to grow. Open Avenues served 281 clients compared to 256 the previous year. Our average daily attendance was 97.


How many companies do your clients work with?

Open Avenues’ Work Center sub-contracted with 24 companies for 54 different jobs last year.  We continue to grow our partnerships with employers and can offer a wide range of skill sets and services to accommodate many businesses all throughout the country with our clients.


What are your greatest organizational needs?

Our Sponsor A Ride campaign funds transportation, which is one of our biggest budget line items.  We have 6 bus routes that travel Benton and Washington Counties to pickup clients each day for work.  Anyone interested in helping with this program can contact us at 479.636.5082.

We want to thank the staff of Steve Fineberg & Associates for their generosity in sponsoring and serving our clients Thanksgiving dinner this year.  It is these types of donations and volunteers that truly make the difference to our clients and staff.  We wish you each a blessed Thanksgiving!












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