New blog post: Road Zone - Springdale & Fayetteville Infrastructure Boom

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New blog post:  Road Zone - Springdale & Fayetteville Infrastructure Boom

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="614"] Photo courtesy of NWA Council. Pictured at the top are former Springdale Mayor Jerre Van Hoose, Olivia Tyson, John Tyson and Springdale Mayor Doug Spouse as they cut a ribbon officially opened Don Tyson Parkway's connection to Interstate 49.[/caption]

July marked the completion of two major projects in Washington county with several other road improvements to follow.  Over the next four weeks, we will be highlighting road improvements throughout Northwest Arkansas that are being made to add the infrastructure needed to support our region's rapid growth.

The Northwest Arkansas Council provided great insight at two of the major accomplishments

"Springdale earlier this month opened the Don Tyson Parkway connection to Interstate 49, and Fayetteville opened a flyover that allows northbound College Avenue motorists to more easily reach I-49.

Both of those projects are considered important to traffic flow within those communities, but they also should benefit the region as a whole because they make it easier to reach I-49.

The Don Tyson Parkway’s $22 million connection to I-49 allows motorists to move from the far reaches of eastern Springdale to the interstate with less delay. It also will pull some east-west traffic off U.S. 412 (Sunset Avenue in Springdale) to the north and Johnson Mill Boulevard to the south by providing a more direct route to I-49 for some commuters.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="576"] Photo courtesy of 40/29[/caption]

In Fayetteville, the city’s flyover was a $6.3 million project. Funding from the 2005 federal highway bill paid for 80 percent of the project. The city covered the remainder.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="598"] Photo courtesy of NWA Media[/caption]

The flyover should reduce traffic at College’s intersection with Joyce Boulevard near the Northwest Arkansas Mall. It’s one of the busiest, most contested intersections in the entire region, and much of the congestion was caused by northbound drivers on College who made U-turns so they could go south and then west to reach I-49. Those U-turns should be less frequent because motorists can use the flyover instead."

“The traffic studies estimated that about 25 percent of left turns at Joyce are U-turns, and we expect those U-turns to be reduced to near zero,” said City Engineer Chris Brown.  Brown said "crews finished the bridge two months early and under budget."

SOURCE:  Northwest Arkansas Council 



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