New blog post: Road Zone – Highway 412, Springdale Bypass

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If you have driven through Springdale lately, it is no secret that road construction is booming.  Though delays have been minor on I-49, drivers are especially excited for the upcoming work of the much anticipated Springdale Bypass which is set to break ground before the end of 2014 and should help ease traffic flow with accessibility to Hwy 112.

412bypassThe project is estimated to take 2-3 years, and includes a new interchange that will be built between Wagon Wheel Road and the Lowell exit (near Silent Grove Road).  The project will stretch over 4.5 miles and is made possible by Issue One, which Arkansas voters passed in 2012, which invests $125 million on this project.

This project is being built in collaboration with XNA, who plans to build a connector road to increase accessibility to the airport from Cave Springs.  We were thankful to catch up with Dick Trammel, Arkansas State Highway Commissioner, to learn more about this project.

"Anything we can do to take traffic off of I-49 and add more ease to 112 will be beneficial for our region's traffic flow.  This project will have access to I-49, and our primary goal is to match up with XNA's new road entry which we are working concurrently with to provide maximum benefit to our community.  I also believe through this project we will see more opportunities for industrial and commercial growth along the new highway.  We believe this project will further our goal of safer driving and better traffic control for our community." - Dick Trammel

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