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Four years... Four years of kibitzing, can you believe it?  For those who have followed our annual kibitz blog - thank you!  It has been a fun adventure delving into chats with our community's leaders.

For those who are new to our kibitz series, WELCOME.

The word kibitz in the Jewish community means to chat.  At some point the idea came to us that it is not at all difficult to talk about the many virtues of living, working and playing in Northwest Arkansas. 

And over the last four years, we have been excited to highlight local Mayors, Chamber leaders, CEO's, Arts Professionals, Retail Executives etc. and find their insights as to what makes this community vibrant... Why Northwest Arkansas?

Our informal discussions with movers and shakers in our community have led to great insight, fun, and adventure... And this year we promise to deliver even greater interest with our kibitz chat series.

It is going to be a beautiful Fall season in Northwest Arkansas, and an even better 2015.  The market continues to brim with improvement with conditions ascending in every sector:  retail, office, industrial, medical, residential etc.

When the market is up, it does not discriminate and we are seeing an increasing appetite for investors to build, start, expand, and grow here.

I have been so lucky to have a team of great people who keep our organization moving in a strong direction, and I am excited to continue propelling our mission with this great group.



Personally, I have also had a wonderful summer and am fortunate to wrap up a season full of important family events. My family and I were able to travel to the east coast to attend our daughter's wedding.  We watched our son Adam launch another one of his new plays in Austin, and our other amazing son, also named Adam (yes, there is a story there), is getting married in Houston in October.  We spent time with our grandchildren who are indeed very special, and Ida's support this year (and every year.. to be honest) has been far more than I have deserved.  I also have continued my guitar lessons, which has been a fun creative outlet for me and I am looking forward to a four day fishing trip this November with a group of friends.



Life is good, and I am excited for this year to roll out more chats with some incredible community leaders and some very "cool" people.  Stay tuned!

With Regards,

Steve Fineberg



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