Kibitz (CHAT) 4.0 with Pam Long, Author & Speaker

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This week we had the great privilege of chatting with Pam Long.  Some know Pam for her great roles in being an author, speaker, or local business owner of Long's Northwest Hitch.  Others know Pam as the First Lady of Lowell (married to Mayor Eldon Long), but humbly Pam would say her greatest titles are wife, mother, and grandmother.

Pam's latest book City Girl released earlier this year, and you can find all her great works, by visiting her website here.


Tell us about yourself... When did you move to Northwest Arkansas?

I've lived here all my life but was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado because my dad was in the Army and stationed at Ft. Carson. After he was discharged, my folks bought a house in Springdale but my dad has always been a country boy so they looked for some land to purchase and we ended up living on several acres in Lowell. Funny, it was on Pleasant Grove Road, past Bellview School. All farmland then - all houses now. That's where I learned to drive a tractor, haul hay, drive a stick, ride a horse and feed pigs and calves. After Eldon and I married, we moved to his family farm in Highfill but several years later, we purchased our first home and guess where? In Lowell. So, you can see, our roots run deep here. I write faith-based romance novels and I credit my life here for giving me so many great ideas for stories!


What does family life look like?

I think because people are so different "family" can be many things, depending on how they were raised, etc. Our family has grown from three kids to include their spouses and now we include six grandchildren - one already in Heaven. We are a noisy bunch but we love to spend time together and vacation several times a year as a group. There is quite a competitive spirit with all of us when it comes to board games, movie trivia or dominoes and it seems we can delight in the most basic things when we're together.


What are some of your favorite things to do in NWA?

Northwest Arkansas has such a wide variety of things to do, I can't see how anyone couldn't find something to interest, educate or entertain themselves these days! Although I love Crystal Bridges, the Walton Arts Center and exhibits like the Botanical Gardens, I think my favorite things to do are attend the craft fairs, various festivals and farmer's markets. I love meeting people and you can't go to one of those without making a new friend or two (or three!).


What are you and your family most excited about this season?

My family and I always look forward to the fall season, Thanksgiving and Christmas and we know we are blessed to be able to spend it with each other but I think the thing we are most excited about THIS year, is the upcoming election in Lowell in November. My husband, Eldon is running for re-election as Mayor and we have stayed very busy campaigning and talking to people in our city. Like just about everything else, we do this together and I'm so proud of my kids for supporting their dad the way they do.

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