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table1This week we braved the snow and ice to visit our friends over at Table Mesa Bistro located at 108 E. Central in Bentonville.  Open since the fall of 2008, Table Mesa has been the catalyst for all things "foodie" in Downtown Bentonville offering modern Latin cuisine with high quality fresh ingredients.

To say that Table Mesa has set the bar in food culture in Northwest Arkansas is an understatement.  The robust flavors, warm atmosphere, and excellent service leave diners with one of most exceptional dining experiences that Northwest Arkansas has to offer.

In visiting with owner, Carl Garrett, we learned more about how Table Mesa came to be, and what inspired their unique menu.  Carl and his wife transplanted to Northwest Arkansas after running a highly successful restaurant in the heart of Seattle, Washington.  Garrett's experience includes 20(+) years in corporate America including opening modern Mexican restaurants in the 90's for Brinker Group.  Originally from Florida, Garrett admitted his move to Northwest Arkansas was to be closer to the South where he grew up, and the location for Table Mesa actually was stumbled upon.


"My wife and I had decided that we wanted to branch out and open a new restaurant in a growing market.  We looked at several budding markets, but we were determined to find a sophisticated market that might be ready for an unchained Pacific Northwest meets Southwest inspired menu.   I had looked at several potential sites, but actually stumbled upon the Downtown Bentonville square.  At that time, there wasn't really a bistro-food scene here, but I could envision something really exciting and we found the perfect location here in the heart of Downtown.  No one could have imagined the growth we would experience though.  It was just one of those things that happened to be the right place at the right time." - Carl Garrett

Carl and his wife were truly pioneers in the metro-typetable_dates bistro for our region, and their flavor profiles and influences are articulated through some of their diner's favorites including the tantalizing "Cheap Dates" tapa/starter of Medjoohl dates stuffed with gorgonzola, cream cheese, and wrapped in hardwood smoked bacon.

You can't eat at Table Mesa without trying their fresh guacamole and fried plantains paired with one of their signature margaritas or mojitos made with fresh agave, lime, and muddled mint and basil.  This isn't just your classic Latin food, but a bite of bliss that will leave your palate wanting more.


Another diner favorite is the "Curry Burrito" a culmination of rich Thai style yellow curry with slow roasted chicken, avocado, melted aged jack cheese, roasted corn topped with guajillo and curry sauce.

A visit is incomplete without their luscious Tres Leches house-made cake soaked in three milks with seasonal fruit puree, or their silky Creme Brulee with caramelized sugar surface.

Table Mesa will offer you a one of a kind experience, that you won't find in any chained restaurant.  If you are looking for a fun experience, check them out... Better yet, invite us to join you! :)

Stay tuned for next week as we venture over to their sister restaurant, Tavola, and get your taste-buds ready!


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