Celebrating... The Women of Northwest Arkansas

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It seems that 2015 is turning out to be the year of the women in Northwest Arkansas.  With the upcoming Bentonville Film Festival, thanks to actress Geena Davis and a talented crop of women entrepreneurs and in corporate positions all around the Northwest Arkansas area, this is a terrific place to be to meet very talented and successful ladies.  The success of the women to be featured in our upcoming series of blogs and interviews is not due to the fact that they are women, rather due to a great deal of hard work, ingenuity, guts, integrity and creativity.  The ladies that will be featured throughout the next few months are but a few of the many, many talented women who are making a name for themselves in everything from corporate America, entrepreneurial pursuits, culinary, education, entertainment, medical, non profit leadership, politics  …… well the list can go on and on.   We want to know what drives these ladies to meet their goals and how they go about attaining said goals.  These will be conversations that will, we hope, inspire other women – and MEN – to go after their dreams and take the chance, make the leap.  So here’s to some very interesting and hard working women in Northwest Arkansas.  Stay tuned to this new series to roll out this week!

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