Groundbreaking Ceremony – New Pediatric Medical Complex

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Steve Fineberg & Associates commercial real estate firm of Bentonville, Arkansas is pleased to announce the groundbreaking ceremony for Pediatric Workplaces on April 22nd at 12:30pm at 900 S 52nd Street Rogers, AR. The public and media are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Dr. Bryan Harvey dba Pediatric Workplaces, LLC will build a 15,000 square foot pediatric medical complex which will be the future home of Harvey Pediatrics. The first floor of the building will be leased to other providers who specialize in pediatric services including All Aboard Pediatric Therapy and Pediatric Vision Development Center.

The project will be complete in late 2015.

“It is not uncommon to see integrated medical campuses for adults, but the need for an integrated campus for pediatrics in our area is essential. It allows for providers to better communicate by being in the same vicinity, and offers a continuum of care that often times becomes fragmented when providers are in various locations. There is nothing else like this concept in the state, alone from Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. The new campus will offer Northwest Arkansas an opportunity to have a combined team of professionals among the various medical spectrums providing their children with the highest quality in care. The building is being designed by Marlon Blackwell Architects, a world-class architecture firm. The design will be created with a child’s perspective in mind, offering a safe, bright and well-organized structure.” – Dr. Harvey, CEO of Pediatric Workplaces, LLC

“The services provided by Harvey Pediatrics are an invaluable resource for the Rogers community. Their new home will be an iconic and distinctive building that should appeal to adults and children alike.” – Marlon Blackwell, CEO Marlon Blackwell Architects

“Dr. Harvey and his team are an amazing group and I feel fortunate to work with them on this project. They are already an asset to families in Northwest Arkansas and I look forward to seeing their practice grow and serve more families.” – Amy Mills, Executive Broker of Steve Fineberg & Associates, Inc.


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