Commissioners Investigate Possibility of New Convention Center in Bentonville

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A new feasibility study* has recommended the development of a 254,100 square-foot convention center in Bentonville.

According to Rob Hunden, president of Hunden Strategic partners, a convention center would meet Northwest Arkansas’s growing need for a larger event space. Additionally, he says, a convention center would attract new events such as consumer trade shows.

David Lang, general manager at Embassy Suites, was reportedly "surprised" to hear of the study and its proposals. The Embassy Suites includes the John Q. Hammons Center, which is currently the largest convention space in Benton County at 72,147 square feet. Lang opined that it would be difficult to operate two convention centers in the same county.

The commissioners are evaluating next steps for the complex with a focus on finding an ideal location to fit the convention center, which - if following the proposal - would house a 200-room full-service hotel, covering at least 20 acres, unless built vertically in a "Manhattan" style.
*Commissioned by the Advertising and Promotions Commission and conducted by Hunden Strategic Partners

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