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Report says U.S. retains manufacturing advantage even with a strong dollar

A new study shows it is still cheaper to make goods in the U.S. even with the rise of the U.S. dollar against the euro and other world currencies over the past year that has reduced U.S. manufacturing cost-competitiveness compared with economies such as Germany, France, Japan, Australia and Brazil.

The report from The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) of Chicago found that the U.S. still maintains a very significant cost advantage over these economies, and therefore manufacturers are unlikely to shift production to other nations ...

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Northwest Arkansas home sales value to top $1 billion in August

Multiple offers, higher appraisal values, and a single day on the market are just a few signs of a glowing hot local real estate market in Benton and Washington counties.

In the first seven months of the year, agents in the two counties sold 4,752 homes. Unit sales are up 13.43% in Benton County, and trending more than 15% higher in Washington County. Total sales volume for the two county area is up 21.4% to  $944.027 million. Local agents say the region will top $1 billion in sales before the August report is released. The region posted $1.391 billion in home sales in 2014, but didn’t surpass $1 billion until early October ...

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Lowell begins planning for 100-acre park

A splash pad, small amphitheater, disc golf course and community garden could all be part of the city's plan for developing 100 acres on its west side.

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Apartments in Northwest Arkansas Still in High Demand

It’s a good time to be a landlord, but that doesn’t mean Lindy Lindsey is any less nervous about filling units.

Lindsey is the president of Lindsey Management, the apartment management subsidiary of The Lindsey Co. of Fayetteville, which oversees approximately 40,000 units in complexes across eight states. Lindsey said 9,000 of those units are in northwest Arkansas, and the company has plans to add to that number in the coming year, which would seem the smart play based on recent occupancy statistics for the region ...

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