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For many who’ve lived in the Northwest Arkansas area, and in particular, Rogers, Lake Atalanta was just a place to visit for the annual Halloween haunted house.  Fortunately, times have changed for the area known as Lake Atalanta, just east of downtown Rogers, and certainly the change has been dramatic and for the better.  The Lake Atalanta area and the park around it are set to become a destination site for Northwest Arkansas visitors and residents who are looking for an area surrounded by natural beauty and opportunities to enjoy a variety of outdoor fun activities.

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More than 50 years ago the Lake Atalanta area in Rogers was where  many went for miniature golf and fishing or to just enjoy the lake. Lake Atalanta was put on the back burner by many as the growth in Rogers went to the west side of the city.  But, like many things in life, what’s old is new again and such is the case for Lake Atalanta.

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 Closed completely for over a year in 2015, Lake Atalanta is ready to make its grand entrance again into the Northwest Arkansas area with a new look and new amenities for fun and relaxation.  Among the additions:

v  New concrete trails that circle the lake

v  New boardwalk ideal for fishing and strolling

v  Improved water quality for the lake as a result of dredging old sediment

v  New playgrounds for the young, and those who think young

v  The stream was remodeled  and is now ideal for cooling off on a warm summer day

v  Clark Pavilion was renovated and is ready for bookings of events

v  Addition of biking trails and a bike park

And that’s just the beginning for this beautiful and welcoming area east of downtown Rogers.

Here are also a few facts about the history of Lake Atalanta to share with new and returning visitors to the area:

v  Lake Atalanta is a reservoir

v  It was built in 1936 as part of the Works Progress Administration of President Franklin D.  Roosevelt

v  The area was named after Atalanta Gregory whose husband donated most of the land around the lake

v  The lake is surrounded by the second oldest park in Rogers

v  In 1948 and 1949 a pool and a miniature golf course were added.  The restaurant was added in the 1950’s.

v  Lake Atalanta was the water source for the city.

v  During a drought in the 1960’s Lake Atalanta was refilled by pumping water from Beaver Lake

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So there you have it.  Now just come back to the east side of Rogers and discover the gem that is Lake Atalanta and all of its new and wonderful opportunities for fun.


Check out all the pictures of the Grand Opening in the gallery below! 

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