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For several years Bentonville has had the opportunity to host its very own film festival.   This has always been a special and exciting event for the area except for one minor glitch, Bentonville did not have its own movie theater.  Well, that no longer is the case for the Bentonville Film Festival and movie audiences in Northwest Arkansas.  On November of this year, Bentonville opened the doors to the Skylight Cinema in Downtown Bentonville.  As it often is with all things Bentonville, a run of the mill theater would not do.  Lucky visitors to the Skylight will be able to enjoy five theaters, as well as a bar serving adult beverages, and an upscale restaurant.  As patrons enjoy current movies and independent films, they will be able to relax in reclining theater seats.  In addition to films, the theater’s websites notes that the Skylight will also show “sporting events, classic films, and other cultural experiences.”

There is no doubt that the Skylight will be the major focal point during the Bentonville Film Festival which until now had to hold many of its screenings in venues such as Northwest Arkansas Community College and other non-movie theater venues.  When Bentonville Film Festival Founder, Academy Award winning actress Geena Davis, appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show to promote the festival, Kimmel poked fun at starting a film festival in a “theater-less” town.  Well Jimmy come on down and check out the beautiful Skylight and we will gladly give you a tour.  The addition of the Skylight is proof that the film festival is not only good for tourism but will make a positive impact on the people that live and visit the Northwest Arkansas area. 

So it’s:   LIGHTS!  CAMERAS!!   ACTION!!! at the Skylight Cinema in Bentonville, Arkansas.




Don't miss what Geena Davis had to say to Jimmy Kimmel about the Bentonville Film Festival below:

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