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Meet the Team Monday | Chris Allcorn

Meet Chris Allcorn! Chris joined our team with an extensive background in real estate, development, and previously owning a small business. Coming from the Austin, TX area, Chris is looking forward to exploring the outdoor paradise that is Northwest Arkansas. He is a people person who enjoys creating real, authentic connections with those he meets. We are excited to have him on our team as a Sales Associate!

What drew you to the Northwest Arkansas area? 

It was important to my wife and I to raise our 2 daughters in an area that has access to nature. Our family loves to get outdoors. We have a bus that we renovated and we take it to the national forest to camp almost every weekend. Another influencer is the focus on small business in the communities.

What is your view of commercial real estate and how is the market different in Northwest Arkansas than in Austin?

Traditional real estate deals are led with dollar signs. You’re making a return and that is the goal. There is another kind of real estate that connects human beings with physical spaces and I felt like that was lost in Austin. I believe there is still an opportunity to live and thrive in small communities. That opportunity can still be found in Northwest Arkansas. 

What is your background in real estate?

My experience in real estate started with an internship at a boutique firm, then I went on to work at a Fortune 100 company. At the larger brokerage I missed working with local clients and wanted to get back to my roots. I’m always after a new challenge, which is why I’m excited to bring my experience to Northwest Arkansas. 

How does your past experience in business influence you as a real estate agent?

We owned a small business so I got to see the other side of what makes a business successful. Bringing that experience to real estate, has allowed me to see things from the client’s perspective. When working with a business, I see the full picture and know all that goes into each and every decision. 

What part of real estate is most exciting to you?

I have this infatuation with old things, that includes architecture, buildings, real estate, and I have a hard time watching the detachment from the care of those things. In the past, I redeveloped seven vacant spaces in a small town. I was able to bring those spaces back to life which in turn, helped gave new life to the town itself. More than the financial aspect, that revitalization was a really rewarding project. 

What influenced your decision to work for Steve Fienberg & Associates?

There are a lot of different types of people that have different motivations for what they do and why they do it. I feel that at Steve Fineberg & Associates your transactions are allowed to be relational. We get to work with clients of all backgrounds and that is something I value. 

What are some things you are looking forward to experiencing in Northwest Arkansas? 

I just want to get further into the woods. I also want to experience some of the music when it comes back. My favorite genre is traditional country music so I’m excited to experience it live.

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