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Meet the Team Monday: Caleb Carr

Meet Caleb Carr, our Vice President of Marketing. Caleb has been with Steve Fineberg & Associates for 5 years bringing his wisdom and expertise to the table. He wears many hats in our office by coordinating marketing for all properties, making sure our systems within the office are efficient, as well as managing his own listings as an agent. He recently designed our new website and is constantly thinking of ways to market Steve Fineberg & Associates services. He is a strong member on our team and we are lucky to have him!

Are you originally from Northwest Arkansas?

I have been here for over 20 years so while I am not originally from NWA, I have spent the majority of my life here. I have lived a few different places over the years and none of them really compare to this area. There isn’t a better place to call home.

How has Northwest Arkansas changed over the years?

Somethings are completely different, and some haven’t changed at all. When I was younger unless you wanted to go skating or bowling there weren’t many options for entertainment. That has completely changed. Now with things like Top Golf, the Walmart Amp, and Crystal Bridges there is an extraordinary amount of activities in the area. I am glad that the area has not changed in how much people love to be involved the community and how proud people are to be from Northwest Arkansas.

 How did you get in to web design and marketing?

When I was in the 8th grade I had a keyboarding teacher who really sparked my interest in web design and technology as a whole. She founded a club that built and managed the school’s website and encouraged me to join. I was never good at art in the traditional ways, so web design really opened a creative outlet for me. From there I kept taking web design and programming classes throughout high school. In college, I fell into making websites for small businesses for some extra money.

What brought you to Steve Fineberg & Associates?

I really enjoyed making websites for small businesses, but I missed being part of a collaborative environment. Doing websites in your living room is a solitary work environment and besides that I was running out of shows to watch on Netflix. I decided that I wanted to go somewhere that I could add value and see the long-term benefits of the marketing I was doing.

 What is something that surprised you about commercial real estate?

The thing that shocked me the most was how far the real estate industry, especially on the commercial side, tends to lag behind other industries in the adoption of new technologies and marketing techniques. I know agents are always focused on the personal relationship but adapting marketing techniques from other industries can not only expand the distance of which you can have those relationships but can make those relationships more fruitful.

Outside of work what do you enjoy?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am newly engaged so wedding planning is in full swing. I should probably spend more time doing that. I play tennis quite a bit which is about as close as I will get to working out. Traveling is always fun. It is exciting to see different places and experience new things.

Where do you most like to visit?

Nashville is probably up there. I’m a big Nashville Predators Fan so getting to go to those hockey games. It is hard to beat live music in every bar. I also lived in England for two years when I was younger and would love to make it back there sometime in the future.

What is something you have learned from Steve?

Steve is always open when it comes marketing our properties, our agents, or the agency as a whole. Anyone in the office with an idea of how we can improve the company can take it straight to Steve and discuss it. I feel lucky to be a part of a company that operates in that way. He has built a great team around him and he listens to that team. I’ve worked with companies where that wasn’t always the case. I will take that with me wherever I go.

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