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Meet the Team Monday- Rebecca Moll

Today’s Meet the Team Monday features Rebecca Moll, our Office Manager. Rebecca is a key component of Steve Fineberg & Associates because she manages every listing while making sure our office has what it needs to succeed. She has dedicated her time to understanding the commercial real estate industry in order for her to better serve our agents and clients. We are able to work efficiently because of Rebecca and we are so thankful for her! 


You’ve been with Steve Fineberg & Associates for a while. What are some things you have learned from Steve?

 I’ve learned a lot from Steve Fineberg in my 4.5 years. Some of the things he has instilled in our office is to not limit yourself, you can never be too prepared and don’t be afraid of the word no.

How does working at Steve Fineberg & Associates differ from your previous work experience?

I worked in Orthodontics for 7 years before coming to commercial real estate. I think the biggest difference between those two fields is the grit and drive I see in the agents to generate production for themselves and the office. Their successes are built upon the trust of their clients. Over the years it’s been wonderful seeing the same clients return to that relationship for all their real estate needs.

You seem to have good relationships with people inside and outside the office. Is that something that is really important to you?

Yes, a personal fact about me is that I’m a “people collector.” I still have many friends that are from my childhood. I think this is because I value friendship and make my relationships a priority. I enjoy having a diverse group of people around me at all times to keep me accountable and constantly growing.

Rebecca is the office supplier of Girl Scout Cookies! We love this time of year and always do our part to support her troop. Rebecca, what is your favorite thing about being a Girl Scout mom?

I’m approaching my 5th year as a Girl Scout mom! Girls Scouts has taught my two daughters and I a lot about girl empowerment, teamwork, dedication, and friendships. We are constantly involved in community-based charity work and each year our troop selects an organization that needs our help. This year we selected our very own Girl Scout Camp in Huntsville that needed some TLC. We cleaned, organized, painted, and rebuilt shelving in the main cabin area.  We also “revamped” the campfire space by adding new benches and we purchased games and items that were needed. This year during cookie sales, our troop selected Meals on Wheels to donate boxes of cookies to. It made me smile to see their clients’ faces light up when they received an unexpected treat along with their meal!

Every mom needs their ‘”me” time, how do you balance a full-time job, 3 kids, and a personal life?

Being a mom is my number one priority, but having a healthy balance in place is key to having a successful work and home life. My “me” time is listening to crime podcasts or watching a sci-fi show. You will also find me at yoga and spin class on my lunch breaks during the week. I make sure my weekends are spent with family, eating good food, and sometimes enjoying a local, craft beverage.

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?

Seeing my children grow each day and how they are developing their own unique personalities. Yes, it can be hard at times, but it is also the most rewarding thing!

Rebecca considers herself a “foodie” What is your favorite kind of food?

I love all kinds of food and I love that Northwest Arkansas is full of different things to try. I recently discovered Thai food and have been going to Thai Kitchen in Bentonville to fix my cravings!

What would be a dream destination for you?

I would love to visit Ireland. I know the countryside is gorgeous there and I would love to experience a different culture. I have never been out of the country before, but I’m excited to be going on my first cruise next year to the Caribbean!

What brought you to Northwest Arkansas and what do you love about this area?

I’m originally from Glenwood, AR, but moved here 13 years ago. Northwest Arkansas is a progressive area where everyone really invests into the community. You get to meet lots of different people from across from not only the country, but the world. Northwest Arkansas prioritizes education so it has proven to be a great place to raise my children.

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