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Meet the Team Monday- Elissa Sontag


Next up on the Meet the Team Monday is Elissa Sontag! Elissa has been with Steve Fineberg & Associates for over 10 years as a commercial real estate agent and property manager. With years of experience in multiple fields of real estate, Elissa is our jack of all trades. She can assist you with any and all real estate requests. We are lucky to have Elissa on our team!

How did you get into commercial real estate?

Years ago, I started out at Steve Fineberg & Associates as an assistant. Steve needed help in the property management department, so I decided to step in! Today, I don’t solely do property management, I like to think of myself as modern day “girl Friday.” I do commercial and residential sales and leasing as well as land sales. I think it is beneficial to be well rounded and be able to assist people with their needs. Being knowledgeable in all these areas gives me the opportunity to help every person I encounter, not just a select few. I like finding new clients and helping people!

What do you enjoy most about being in the real estate industry?

I enjoy the challenge of it. I like finding new clients and helping people find the perfect space for their needs. I have fostered many relationships through real estate, and I think it helps me stay connected in the community.

You are an animal lover, what are some interesting pets you have had?

In the past I’ve had goats, llamas, pigs, chickens, and cats and dogs. They were all rescue animals. One of my pigs, Howard, I rescued from the Springdale Animal Shelter and he became Instagram Famous! He had over 3,000 followers and gained quite the fan base. Sadly, Howard passed away due to an illness, but he lived a great life full of donuts and naps. All my animals are named after family members or TV shows, and currently there is a waiting list for an animal to be named after them! Fun fact, I started a nonprofit a few years ago for animals that were abandoned. In the real estate industry, we show houses and buildings frequently and I had some cases where animals were left behind by their owners. Being an animal lover, I couldn’t leave them, so I decided to start the nonprofit to take in these animals.

What are some of your hobbies?

I garden, and rescue animals. I grow my fruits and veggies in containers. I grow all things, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, beans, corn, okra, squash, and watermelon. I like to garden because its relaxing and peaceful. Organic gardening is super hard because you have to keep the pests away without using harsh chemicals. I like the sense of accomplishment and I enjoy walking outside and having dinner at my fingertips.

What do you love about Northwest Arkansas?

I was born and raised in Arkansas, Little Rock to be exact, but I’ve been in Northwest Arkansas for around 30 years now. I love that NWA is quiet and conservative. The outdoor scene is unmatched. I enjoy being outside and working in my garden or playing with my dogs. I love Northwest Arkansas because it is constantly growing and the opportunities available here are endless.

Who are some of your favorite social media accounts?

I follow many accounts, but some of my favorites are the ones highlighting Northwest Arkansas. To name a few: @findingnwa, @shambacreekfarm, and @bentonvillefarmersmarket. Following these accounts give me inspiration and they capture the beauty of NWA. I enjoy taking pictures as well and sometimes these accounts share my photos. I also follow some food truck accounts, my favorite being @persephoneonwheels. They have the best gyro salads!

What are some of your favorite shows?

Right now, I’m watching Billions and Superstore. I enjoy murder mysteries, mayhem, witty comedies, and anything sarcastic.

When asking Elissa about working with Steve, she said “He is the one who helped get me into real estate. He’s a great mentor and teacher. There is no one better to learn about real estate from than Steve. He treats us like family, and I know he would do anything for us!”

Elissa provided us with some of her favorite photos she has taken. You can see more on her Instagram @elissasontag!

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